Cyclus Spoke Key Stainless 3.25/3.45mm

TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. More stock hoped for around July 2015.

We've found it! A double (a nipple key either side of the handle) 4-sided (each key engages the nipple on 4 sides) spoke key with the two driver sizes that will suit almost all wheels out there - 3.25mm and 3.45mm.

Weight: 39g.

The 3.25mm size fits most high quality spoke nipples, but the 3.45mm size is often needed to true cheaper wheels.

The side with the protruding dots (pictured) is the 3.4mm side, so it's easy to use the correct side while truing a wheel.

Being made from stainless steel, it should be hard enough to give a long service life, and its broad shape makes it comfortable to work with.

We like to use 4-sided nipple keys in the workshop to reduce the chance of nipple rounding or splitting - especially important on tight spokes and/or alloy nipples.