Bridport Tasmania

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Arrived in Devonport and guess what? It was raining.
Spent the first day riding through poppy fields. Probably why Tasmanians are so happy.
At Port Sorel we camped for 3 days as the weather was bad and the same went for George Town.
We camped in the Asbestos Ranges for a night which was absolutely beautiful with ferns etc. Woke up the next morning with poring rain and we had a 12klm climb out on a clay surface and much to slippery for us to ride so we ended up walking.
Stayed in York Town at the site of the first settlement in Tasmania and then went onto Beaconsfield and had a $6 roast with about 8 vegies.Slept the night there in the football pavilion which was part of a government grant to the town after their recent misfortune.Now heading for Gladstone and then down to the east coast for Xmas and then west from St Marys to the high country.
We are finding we can ride for about 2 days in between bad weather but we have to expect that down here.
We are now growing been shoots in plastic boxes on our bikes and what a difference they make to our meals. All we have to do now is work out a way to have tomato plants.
Both of us are well and enjoying ourselves.
Met a couple in George Town who have ridden from Cairns with a 2 year old in a triler on the back.
Peter and Barbara