Shimano WH-R550 Front Cone


Suits WH-R550 Front Wheel. This cone is also a suitable substitute for Shimano Part Number Y4CF98020 (WH-6600 Front Cone) which is no longer available.

M9 x 20.5mm. Steel and rubber dust seals included.

Shimano Part Number: Y4BE98010.

Weight: 22g.

When servicing a hub or replacing cones we recommend that you always replace the balls.

A hub that uses these cones will use 3/16" balls x 22 (11 per side).

For this quality of hub we recommend you use Grade 5 balls (very high quality).

You can click on the links on the right of this page to go directly to the recommended balls, either individually or in a relatively inexpensive pack of 50.