Shimano HB-M570 Front Cone

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No Longer Available see our FC02

Suits: HB-M752 (Deore XT, M9 steel axle), HB-M750 (Deore XT, M9 steel axle), HB-M737 (Deore XT, M9 steel axle), HB-M570 (Deore LX, M9 steel axle), HB-M563 (Deore LX, M9 steel axle)

This is also our recommended substitute for Shimano's discontinued Part Numbers Y4BG98020 (for WH-R500 and also suitable for HB-6500, WH-6500 and HB-6600), Y23V98020 (for HB-6500, WH-6500) and Y24W98090 (for HB-5500 and HB-6600) but the dust covers are different and incompatible. See "More details" for advice on this.

M9 x 12.8mm. Steel and rubber dust seals included.

Shimano Part Number: Y21R98030. Weight: 11g.

When using this cone as a substitute for Shimano Part Number Y4BG98020 or Y23V98020 (pictured below) or Y24W98090, which had different dust covers, try to remove the original dust seal and install it on the new cone. (after removing the steel dust seal from the new cone) Use a 17mm ring spanner to push the seal; use a small hammer against the 17mm ring spanner. Replacement dust covers are not available as a spare part.

Shimano Part Number Y4BG98020 used an M9 thread, was 12.8mm deep and used 10 x 3/16" balls per side.

Y4BG98020 (discontinued)

Y23V98020 (discontinued)

When servicing a hub we recommend you always replace the balls.

A hub that uses this cone will use 3/16" balls x 20 (10 per side).

We recommend using Grade 25 balls with these cones. You can click the links on the right to both the individual balls and also to boxes of 100 (a more economical way to buy them).

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