Tyres 20"

20" tyres with a decimal width are interchangeable. (20 x 1.75 vs 20 x 2.125 for example). If going to a wider tyre, check frame and fork clearance. If going to a narrower tyre, you may need a new tube that hasn't stretched to the wider tyre size.

Duro Tyre 20 x 1-3/8 City/Touring

This is not the common 20" sized tyre - it fits a larger rim diameter than the standard BMX size.
ETRTO: 35-451. Shipping Weight: 1kg.

Innova Tyre IA-2502 20 x 2.125

This BMX tyre is sure to help you bust out some sweet tricks!

ETRTO 54-406. Maximum Pressure: 40-65psi

Weight: 770g

Maxxis DTH Wire Bead 20 x 1.75

Light weight, high pressure BMX race tyre.

Drop The Hammer (DTH - get it???) The first few pedal strokes win the holeshot. The holeshot wins the race. Designed for the 2008 Beijing Games, the DTH is super-light to accelerate like no other BMX tyre, yet it holds up to the abuse you dish out. The dual-compound tread corners incomparably on hard-pack tracks and rolls fast on the straights. The gold medal is just a sprint away.

  • ETRTO: 44-406
  • Inflation Pressure: 85-110 psi.

Maxxis Holy Roller 20 x 2.2


All round tyre that offers smooth running on pavement as well as grip in dirt. Durable quality.

ETRTO: 56-406. Maximum Inflation Pressure: 60psi. Made in Taiwan. Weight: 589g.

Maxxis Tyre Hookworm 20 x 1.95

Street, flatland and ramp tyre.
The Hookworm features a hard 70a black compound for street, flatland, and ramps. With an unmistakable tread pattern, the Hookworm tire is standard equipment for serious freestyle riders. The high performance qualities of the grooved tread pattern allow straight-line performance and cornering control. The Hookworm is high pressure rated at 110 PSI, which rolls fast and reduces the risk of pinch flats. Note: Express Post not available on this item. Weight: 715g.

Salt Pitch Slick Tyre 20 x 2.25 Black


Semi-slick tyre with quality rubber compound. Black.

Street pattern tread, designed by Salt.. Maximum Pressure: 65psi.

Salt Strike Tyre 20 x 2.35

Wrap around directional tread design; knurled for improved traction.
Material : Quality rubber compound. Weight: 545g. Made in Taiwan. Maximum Pressure: 65psi.

Schwalbe Tyre Kojak Wire 20 x 1.35

Although this fast and sporty slick tyre weighs only 282g, it still has a RaceGuard protection belt. This tyre now has reflective labels!

ETRTO: 35-406. Note: Express Post not available on this item.

Weight: 282g.

Tioga Tyre Powerblock 20 x 1-3/8

The ultimate BMX racing tyre, the PowerBlock is designed to efficiently transfer pedal power and other rider inputs into lateral motion - in short, you roll further with less wasted energy.

ETRTO: 35-451. Please note these tyres will NOT fit standard 20" BMX wheels.

Weight: 334g.

Vee Rubber Tyre 20 x 1.75

Standard Comp III tread pattern. Budget tyre.

ETRTO: 47-406.Note: Express Post not available on this item.

Weight: 640g.