Chains for Single-Speed or Hub-Gear Drivetrains

Moruya Bicycles stocks the SRAM PC1 nickel plated 1/8" chain for single speed and internal hub-geared bikes. Single Speed Mountain Bikes will generally use a 3/32" chain (definitely if it's a conversion from a geared mountain bike) and so the chain to use is one compatible with the number of gears the bike started with, since that's what the chainrings and cassette sprockets will need.

KMC X1 Chain Single Speed 3/32" Silver

We stock this chain for those wanting a high quality and durable 3/32" chain for single speed or internal-hub gear drivetrains.
Shipping Weight: 318g.

SRAM Chain 1/8" PC1 Nickel

Nickel plated chain to look good and prevent rust. 114 links - long enough for any bike.
1/8" chain; suitable for standard single-speed and internal hub-gear bikes. The difference between this chain and a 1/8" BMX chain is that this one is long enough for a larger bike. Weight: 336g.