Tech Note 07 - Shimano Spokes

formerly 0774
We've come by 2 of these spokes again - hence the reappearance of the add to basket button. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Re: Shimano Part Number Y01234785 (narrow bladed black spoke with 14g thread 278mm) to suits Shimano WH-R500-A Front

This spoke is no longer available. We recommend using our item #00854 in its place: the only difference is that it's a round spoke rather than bladed.

Tech Note 08 - Shimano Spokes

formerly 0310

Re: Shimano Part Number Y4C098070 (300mm straight pull bladed spoke with rim washer) to suit Shimano WH-7801 Rear Wheel.

This spoke is no longer available. Any other straight pull spoke of the right length and 14g thread should be OK to use as long as the rim washer hasn't been lost. This same advice applies for the no-longer-available rear left spoke for WH-R550  (Shimano Part Number Y4BR98150). Our suggested replacement is our item code 0902. It includes a similar rim washer but we cannot guarantee that the rim washer will be compatible. With some effort, we expect you can change it to your safely stored original rim washer if necessary.

Tech Note 09 - Shimano Spokes

Formerly 0729

Re: Shimano Part Number Y4G398020 (267mm straight-pull butted round spoke black with gold rim plug) to suit WH-M988-F15, WH-M988-R12, WH-M988-R.

This spoke is no longer available. We suggest using our item code 0728 in its place - it's the same spoke apart from being 2mm longer. It would be a good idea to extend the short thread first, allowing the nipple enough proper threads to screw onto. Otherwise any round straight-pull spoke cut to 267mm should do the job.

Tech Note 10 - Shimano Spokes

Formerly 1105

Re: Shimano Part Number Y4G308000 (Shimano Hub Nut 4.3mm).

 This item is no longer available. We suggest you use our item code 0748 (Hub Nut WH-M985) in its place. It's 1.7mm longer, but has the same (14 gauge) thread.

Tech Note 11 - Shimano Spokes

Formerly 1084

Re: Shimano Part Number Y4BN98150 (Bladed straight pull silver spoke with small diameter rim plug, 274mm to suit WH-7801-SL, drive side).

This spoke has been discontinued by Shimano.Our suggestion is to buy a 274mm round straight pull spoke (such as DT Champion) and reuse your existing rim plug by cutting your original spoke between the flanged end and its bladed section in order to remove the rim plug. The plug will slip over a round replacement spoke (it won't slide over a bladed one).

Tech Note 12 - Shimano Spokes

(Formerly 58856)

Re: Shimano Part Number Y012A6025 (Narrow bladed straight pull black spoke 302mm to suit WH-RS10 rear wheel, left or right side)

This spoke has been discontinued by Shimano. Our suggestion is to use our item code 58857, which is the silver version of the same spoke.