Bicycle Stands are supplied with most cheap bikes, but are left off the dearer ones as "serious" riders don't use stands. (They add unnecessary weight and rattles). However, many riders use and enjoy their bike stands. They can be easily divided into Centrefit Stands - The traditional style stand which fits behind the bottom bracket (where the crank axle goes through the bike.) These are a universal fitting stand, with either an adjustable and extendable leg length, or by shortening with a hacksaw. More stable though are Rear Axle Fit Stands. These are made in different sizes to suit different wheel sizes. More convenient to fit are the Stay Fit Stands that are basically like the axle fit stands but fit to the frame just in front of and just above the rear axle, so they don't interfere with removing and replacing the wheel.

Giant Kickstand Stay Fit Adjustable

Frame-fit stand with adjustable length leg to suit mountain bikes and hybrids.
Not compatible with disc brakes. Accommodates large diameter chain stays and seat stays. Attaches wth 2 bolts. Length adjustment with an 8mm spanner: loosen the nut on the back of the collar on the leg, slide the inner leg to where you want it, and lock it in place by tightening the screw again. Weight: 450g.

Kickstand 16"


Suits 16" bikes. Axle fit.

Weight: 288g.

Massload Double Leg Kickstand

These ingenious stands align to the left side of the bike when up, but spread and support the bike from both sides (right and left) when down. Adjustable leg length (using a 4mm allen key) to suit a variety of bikes.

A double leg stand supports a heavy bike (such as electric) or a heavily loaded bike very well, as it allows the bike to stand upright rather than lean over to the side. It is normally adjusted so that it lifts one wheel off the ground, leaving the bike to stand on the other wheel and the two legs of the stand.

Mounts behind the bottom bracket with a 14mm bolt and steel top plate. The top plate is 56mm wide and 24mm front to back. The upper plate of the stand (goes under the seat stays) is 59mm wide and 30mm front to back.

Weight: 585g.

XTech Kickstand BB Fit Adjustable

This stand is traditional in that it fits behind the bottom bracket, but it has a simple and effective height adjustment mechanism enabling instant adjustment to fit any bike (apart from some small kid's bikes).
Adjustment Range: 300mm to 360mm in 5mm increments. Weight: 195g.