A bicycle lock protects against theft by either being so secure that a potential thief can't cut it or break it, or just by being a sufficient deterrent so they'll try an easier target.

Kryptonite Lock Combo/Cable C1018

Tough world, tough locks. Resettable combination cable and bracket.

10mm x 183cm. Self coiling. new improved bracket.

Weight (including carry bracket): 584g.

Kryptonite Lock Key/Cable Keeper 1018

Tough world, tough locks. A key/cable lock bearing the legendary Kryptonite name.

Cable diameter (including vinyl cover): 10mm. Length: 180cm.

Weight: 533g.

Kryptonite Keeper 12 U-Lock Std

A heavier duty lock than a cable. Not needed for a bit of casual shopping around Moruya, but it's a recommended option if you're heading off to study at university, or if you leave your bike unattended regularly at a workplace.
Shipping Weight: 1130g.

Kryptonite Keeper 89 Key & Cable Lock

A lower-security lock, the Kryptonite Keeper 89 nonetheless carries the dependable Kryptonite quality. It is light weight and easy to carry.

Length: 90cm. Thickness: 8mm.

Weight: 188g.

Kryptonite Krypto Flex Cable 1.2m x 10mm

Flexible braided steel cable.

Easily used in conjunction with U Bolts, cables or other padlocks. Great for locking up accessories and spare parts.

Weight: 352g.

Kryptonite Krypto Flex Cable 2.2m x 10mm

Flexible braided steel cable. 2.2 metres long, 10mm cable diameter.

Easily used in conjunction with U-Bolts, cables or other products. Great for locking up accessories and spare parts.

Weight: 540g.

Kryptonite Krypto Flex Cable 9.3mx 10mm

Flexible braided steel cable.
9.3 metres is a long cable. Think of all the bikes you could lock with this one! We sold one once for someone to lock their solar panels on their roof. We'll leave it to you to work out what you might want this one for.

OnGuard 8063 Terrier Roller Lock

This lock is more about convenience than security. About the size of a dumb-phone (no, that's not an aerial!) it allows you to set your own 3-digit combination.

Cable Lock 90cm x 2mm. Set your own 3 digit combination, so no keys to lose or forget. Raised combination dials are easy to use with gloves. Tough vinyl cable cover protects surface and edges of skis and boards. Unique roll-up system retracts cable to pocket size for easy carrying. Cable stays flexible even in freezing weather.

Shipping Weight: 107g.

OnGuard Combo Lock 150cm x 8mm

Lightweight medium security combo lock.

The 8mm refers to the thickness of the cable but it includes the plastic sheath, (all up measurement about 7.5mm). 4-digit combination lock. The number is not owner-settable; the lock comes with a tag attached with the combo number. Don't leave this tag on the lock when you use it!

Weight: 173g. Shipping Weight: 208g.