Training Stands

When it's raining and wet outside, you can ride your bike inside!

Elite Crono Mag Speed Alu Trainer

The Supercrono frame uses the rider's weight on the roller for a more realistic feel and less tyre slipping.
  • Collapsible frame for easy storage or transport
  • Five resistance settings on a removable cable operated lever which attaches to standard and oversized handlebars
  • 500g flywheel for a smoother pedalling action
  • Riser block for front wheel included
  • Fast fixing system for mounting of the rear wheel to the trainer frame
  • Includes quick release skewer for optimum fitting of bike to trainer

Quick Release Skewer Steel Rear

Rear Quick Release skewer suitable for use in training stands as it has the traditional lever shape and a steel cone-nut.

For road bikes (designed for 130mm over-locknut-dimension), but can also be used on mountain bikes (steel nut will not screw on far enough to engage the nylok section of the nut but does engage sufficiently to be strong and secure). Weight: 100g.

Vulcan Training Stand

An economical training stand offering a single level of resistance. This trainer is suitable for training to get fit enough to enjoy riding; it's not for training beyond this to competition level fitness.
Quick release skewer included. Aluminium roller, wind-in bike attachment. Weight: 6.1kg. Shipping Weight: 7kg.