Bicycle Baskets

Front Baskets:  The simple old fashioned basket which hooks over the handlebars isn't suitable for most modern bikes due to the need for a bit of space in front of the handlebars for brake and gear cables. The quick release style baskets  will suit most bikes, but should only be used with light loads to prevent the mounting bracket slipping around the handlebars The baskets with stays (mounting to the front axle and to the steering) are a dependable solution, but relatively difficult to fit, and unsuitable to bikes with front suspension.

Rear Baskets: For mounting to a luggage rack, a rear mounted basket can carry relatively heavy loads.

Front Basket Flowers Lavender


Suits 12" & 16" bikes.

 Weight: 138g.

Front Basket Mesh QR

Large fine mesh basket with quick release attachment.


Note: Express Post not available on this item. Weight: 1.02kg.

Front Basket Wicker QR

Old world style of wicker combined with a modern quick release bracket. The bracket includes fittings for any handlebar diameter. (25.4 or 31.8mm handlebars OK)

Internal Dimensions: Width - 300mm at the top, 230mm at the bottom. Depth: 210mm at the top, 130mm at the bottom. Height: 240mm.

Note: Express Post not available on this item. Weight: 633g.

XTech Rear Basket Fixed Black

Large rear basket that fixed permanently to your rack, and has a fine mesh to keep your goodies in!
Reflective rear logo. Weight: 1.225 kg.

Gomier Basket for 20" & 24" Trike

Replacement rear basket for Gomier trikes. Suits both 20" and 24" wheel trikes.

Fitting hardware included (nuts & bolts, steel plates, and clips for the corners).

Shipping Weight: 3kg.