As well as the fun that can be had by all on a scooter, they're also a great means to easily learn the balance it takes to ride a bicycle. Even for adults who've not learned to ride a bike.

We stock the Torker range of scooters with pump-up tyres as they can handle soft or rough surfaces better than the mini-wheeled scooters.

We also stock MICRO scooters - they are a premium scooter brand, from the innovative Swiss design and engineering, to the top quality materials used and vigorous testing. They come with a 2 year manufacturer warranty, which means any problems resulting from the manufacturing process are covered by warranty. MICRO scooters have a full range of replacement parts, making a MICRO scooter a value purchase that will last for years.  MICRO wheels are made of premium Italian polyurethane, ShoreA. Better quality polyurethane absorbs bumps better, such as stones on the footpath. MICRO wheels contain more polyurethane than other brands, so they last longer and ride smoother. MICRO scooters are designed with safety as a priority, from the non-toxic handgrips to the gap free folding block, to the larger front wheels ( a European safety requirement which most other scooters in Australia would fail).

Micro Maxi Micro Shocking Pink

Micro Mini Micro Scooter Green LED

Micro Mini Micro Seat

Torker Scootz Pro 12" Scooter Black/Red

Torker Scootz Pro 16" Scooter Blk/Red