About Us

Moruya Bicycles opened in 1988 and was bought by Mark and Dana Rote in 1991. Ownership remained with Mark and Dana until July 2016 when Angus and Kate Murphy became the new owners. We're an independent bicycle retailer in Moruya, on the lovely NSW South Coast.




Contact Information


A: Moruya Bicycles, 10 Ford St, Moruya NSW 2537, Australia

ABN: 27 559 728 517

P: 02 4474 3978

F: 02 4474 3970

E: mail@moruyabicycles.com.au

W: www.moruyabicycles.com.au

Opening Hours

Weekdays: 9:00am until 5:00pm

Saturdays: 9:00am until 12:00 noon

Sundays and Public Holidays: Closed, and off riding somewhere, whoohoo!!!!

The Building of Moruya Bicycles, Mk II

From This

To This!   

Almost Done - we're just waiting for the front steps to be re done then we can proudly display images of our lovely new shop. Shop rebuilt late 2008. Click on "More images" for the full story.

Essential Statistics

Moruya Bicycles Australian Market Share:

2002 Financial Year: We sold one in every 2187 bikes sold in Australia. (0.04572%)

2003 Financial Year: We sold one in every 2247 bikes sold in Australia. (0.0445%)

2004 Financial Year: We sold one in every 2208 bikes sold in Australia. (0.04528%)

2005 Finacial Year: We sold one in every 3267 bikes sold in Australia. (0.0306%). Oops - we thought it was a good year too!

2006 Financial Year: We sold one in every 3825 bikes sold in Australia (0.02614%) More quality bikes, less cheap bikes

2007 Financial Year: We sold one in every 3651 bikes sold in Australia (0.02738 %)

2008 Financial Year: We sold one in every 2748 bikes sold in Australia (0.03638%)

2009 Financial Year: We sold one in every 2570 bikes sold in Australia (0.0389%)

2010 Financial Year: We sold one in every 3190 bikes sold in Australia. (0.0313%). But probably 100% of the Randonneur 700c forks in black....

Moruya Bicycles Global Market Share:

In 2000 - 2001, Moruya Bicycles sold one in every two hundred and twenty two thousand bikes produced globally.

Conclusion: Clearly, we're to be taken seriously!

Mark's 1984 & 1986 Outback Rides

This is the very map carried in Mark's pannier for about 6 months on the first (1984) trip. That's the brown line, starting in Sydney and travelling up the east coast to Cape Tribulation, west over the Atherton Tablelands to Normanton, South and West to Tennant Creek, down to Ayers Rock and North again to Darwin via Kakadu.  The red line was the 1986 trip, heading west from Armidale, across the Nullarbor to Perth.

Click on "More details" for the Push-On magazine article Mark wrote following the 1984 (North) trip.


We just wanted somewhere to share some of the packaging and marketing and language confusion gems we come across in the shop.

Touchy Quality   Maxell Alkaline Ace: Where quality touches infinity. Hey,we could use that one for Moruya Bicycles!

The Bright Life   If you buy a PowerPed Sherpa Mk IV, you'll be so lucky as to receive with it, free, a Classic lock complete with the following information: "Building the bright life, from cultivation of the bit". Followed by "Please enjoy BAISHU'S care careful to you in the sport."

Vigorous Brake Pads   New el cheapo brake pads from Apse ("Powerful bicycle components by APSE") with packaging that says no less than the following: "Best improvement than ever before! So Energetic, Best performance than you can imagine! So Vigorous!" Sounds like the result of a study of English language Spam.

Total Control Grips   Our **NEW** Hung Ya Grips, little cheap ($3) mushroom grips for 12" & 16" bikes give us great confidence with the following: " FEELING OF TOTAL CONTROL IN ALL CONDITIONS. ABSORBS SHOCK AND HELPS ALLEVIATE NUMBNESS. ALLOWS EXCESS SWEAT TO ESCAPE" And we thought the ODI, Oury, Giant and Ergon grips were good....

Better Living Tubes   Geax inner tubes promise "BETTER LIVING THROUGH RUBBER

Watch That Finger   An oldie but one of my favourites: Puncture kit instructions that included as point 4 or 5: "Be careful that the finger."

Kings, Nobles, Knights   Yes, it was some time back now, but we did in one day sell bikes to the King family, the Noble family and the Knight family. We're still waiting for the Jokers.

A Reigny Day   Sorry  folks, but that pun had to be made when we'd sold a Reign, assembled another Reign and serviced a third in one day. After all, that's a big deal for a little shop!

Foot, Foot, Foot   Typing can bring up a whole new world of spelling mistakes. Repco's "Little Miss Hotfoot" became "Little Miss Hotroot" a while back.