Tubes 24"

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Kenda Tube 24 x 1 with Presta Valve

Narrow 24" tube for wheelchairs. 33mm Presta valve.
ETRTO: 23-540. Made in Taiwan. Weight: 93g.

Kenda Tube 24 x 1-3/8 with Schrader Valve

Mostly used on wheelchairs, but also on some old, small "racing" bikes.
Weight: 125g.

Kenda Tube Thorn Resistant 24 x 1.75 - 2.125 with Schrader Valve


Thorn resistant (thick-walled) tube to suit 24" mountain-bike style wheels.

Weight: 486g. Shipping Weight: 542g.

Redline Liteflight Tube 24x1.5/1.75 SV

Redline Liteflight Tube, Schrader valve

Accelerate faster by reducing critical rotating weight with these high quality lightweight tubes.


Shipping weight: 135g

Schwalbe Tube #9A (24") with Schrader Valve

We stock this tube for wheelchairs with 24 x 1 tyres that use presta valves.


Weight: 94g.

XTech Tube 24 x 1.75/2.125 with Schrader Valve

32mm Schrader (car) valve. Fits 24" mountain bikes (tyre widths from 1.75" to 2.125").
Weight: 165g.