Tubes 12'

Kenda Tube 12-1/2 x 2-1/4 with Schrader Valve


Used on small bikes and some prams.

Weight: 93g.

Tioga Tube 12" with Bent Schrader Valve

Bent Valve
Bent-valve tube, allowing easier valve access for pumping. Schrader (car) valve).

Commonly used on strollers.

Weight: 105g.

Tioga Tube 12" with Schrader Valve

Schrader Valve.
Weight: 187g.

Tioga Tube Thorn Resistant 12" with Schrader Valve

A tube that's thick under the tread for puncture prevention.

Schrader (car) Valve.

Shipping Weight: 453g.