Tyres 700c Hybrid

Hybrid tyres compared with road tyres are simply a wider 700c tyre. They are therefore interchangeable, as long as frame clearance allows and rim width is suitable. Putting a narrow tyre on a wide rim exposes the tyre sidewall and the rim itself to road damage.

Innova Tyre IA-2209 700 x 40

A very sturdy and fairly wide hybrid tyre. Not a lightweight tyre, but you can expect good wear from this inexpensive tyre.
Weight: 850g.

Kenda Kwest Wire 700 x 32

For those wanting a mid-sized slick tyre, we offer the Kenda Kwest. It has a smooth rounded tread with large water dispersing grooves.
ETRTO: 32-622. Weight: 404g.

Maxxis Detonator Wire 700 x 32


One of Maxxis's most popular road training tyres is now available in this hybrid bike size. It provides great traction and durability, and commuting reliability with its Silkworm puncture protection.

ETRTO: 32-622. Grooved tread pattern. 92a compound provides long wear and low rolling resistance. Maximum Inflation Pressure: 100psi. Made in Taiwan. Weight: 353g.

Maxxis Overdrive Protect 700 x 38

A sturdy and durable hybrid tyre with puncture protection.

ETRTO: 40-622 (28 x 1.50 / 700 x 38C)

Weight: 640g.