Lights Rear

Bicycle tail lights are now relatively easy to shop for. They're cheap, highly visible, and the batteries last ages. Think about how much brightness and visibility you need - are you riding among traffic and street lights, along country roads or in a group of cyclists?

Azur USB LED Rear Light 30Lumens

Azurs' latest LED rear light. A great budget light that is seen from miles away. We are very impressed with this light as a 'to be seen' option.

30 lumens, 4 constant plus 4 flash modes. Quick release for easy charging. USB cable recharge. Low battery indicator, water resistant, LiPo battery. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Bundle with our front light #3219 to create a great 'lite'weight package, and we will apply a 15% discount if bought at the same time.

Cygolite HotShot SL 50 Rear USB

This light is slightly larger than the HotShot Micro (#2250) which we found to be an outstanding micro rear light. Just like the Micro, this HotShot SL is a USB-rechargeable light, and stands out as offering a very useful feature.

Offering 6 modes, we like the feature that lets you dull down the light intensity in constant mode, as well as being able adjust the tempo of each flash in flash mode. The dull down mode is useful for night-time mountain bike riding as well as group road riding.

Weight: 55g. Charging Time: 3 hours. Shipping Weight: 100g.

Bundle this with the Cygolite DARTPro 350 (our part #3221), and you have a quality log lasting light package that will allow 'to see' and 'be seen'. Buy at the same time and we will apply a 15% discount.

XTech Rear Light for Basket & Carrier


At last!! A light that can be fitted to pannier racks without a local inventor needing to be consulted to get the job done.

Weight (including batteries): 114g.

Cygolite HotShot Micro Rear Light

While being sceptical of many of the feature-laden lights that are brought to our attention, this USB-rechargeable light stood out as offering a very useful feature that most tail-lights don't.

As well as offering a bright steady mode, a bright flashing mode and two other unusual and therefore eye-catching flash modes, this light offers a truly cycling-buddy friendly bunch-ride mode. It dulls down to a level that won't blind other cyclists and would be suitable for night-time mountain bike riding as well as group road riding.

Weight: 35g. Charging Time: 3 hours. Shipping Weight: 150g.

Tioga Rack Light Bracket

A very simple and effective adaptor that allows you to fit a flashing light onto most rear racks.

The adaptor fits to the standard reflector mount holes and gives a short "post" to which a light can be fitted.

Weight: 25g.