Lights Front

Before buying a bicycle headlight, think about whether it's for seeing with or being seen by, where, how long, how often and how fast you'll be riding, plus, of course, how rich you're feeling.

Cateye Volt 300 Front Light

This all weather light is not only USB rechargeable but allows for up to 60 hours of light.

Compact, light weight and up to 10 metres of light.

Shipping Weight 320g

Cygolite Dart Pro 350 Front USB

This 350 Lumen light is one of the best value for money lights we have seen. A good option for an entry level 'to see by' light. On med and high beam the path ahead is well lit. Will definately suit the commuter and road rider.

7 light modes, low profile and robust build. USB rechargeeable with cable included. Low battery indicator and side lenses to highlight your presence from the side. Water resistant, and has a memory which recalls the last mode used when turned on.

Bundle this with the Cygolite Hotshot SL 50 (our part #3222), and you have a quality log lasting light package that will allow to to see and be seen. Buy at the same time and we will apply a 15% discount.

Azur USB LED Head Light 60Lumens

Azurs' latest LED front head light. A great budget light that is seen from miles away. We are very impressed with this light as a 'to be seen' option.

60 lumens, 4 constant plus 4 flash modes. Quick release for easy charging. USB cable recharge. Low battery indicator, water resistant, LiPo battery. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Bundle with our front light #3220 to create a great 'lite'weight package, and we will apply a 15% discount if bought at the same time.

Topeak Bar X-Tender

Gain more room or find the perfect position for lights and computers on your bicycle handlebars with the Topeak Bar X-Tender. Attaches securely to handlebars or handlebar stems and adjusts for optimum positioning.
Weight: 100g.